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Success Is Just Around The Block

Success Is Just Around the Block™  How To Tap Into The Two Greatest Forces For Human Accomplishment. What keeps otherwise intelligent, capable and motivated people from taking action and getting the results they want? What’s holding them back? Why is it in a room full of a hundred people sitting in a seminar, workshop, speech […]

Why It Pays to Be in the Flow

In the Flow and Professional Success What do Jeff Gordon (race car driver), Bruce Willis (actor) and Terry Bradshaw (sports commentator) have in common? If you said divorce – good try! But instead, I want to bring your attention to the success each man has had in their respective professions. All three men have indicated […]

Leadership’s Irresistible Influence

Irresistible Influence Leadership Style What could you achieve – both personally and professionally  – if your leadership style used Irresistible Influence? In his most recent book, Power Shift, Marc W. Schwartz clearly outlines the intrinsic motivators that drive behavior. If you understand these core traits that move all humans – then you have the ability […]