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Success Is Just Around The Block

Success Is Just Around the Block™ 

How To Tap Into The Two Greatest Forces For Human Accomplishment.

What keeps otherwise intelligent, capable and motivated people from taking action and getting the results they want? What’s holding them back? Why is it in a room full of a hundred people sitting in a seminar, workshop, speech or training, only 5-10% will experiment with or apply the information they just received?  Why is it after we’ve read an impacting book we just know can make a difference in our life, do we put the book on the shelf, take no action and forget the very strategies we were excited about days earlier?

Research shows that more than 95% of what prevents us from moving forward boldly and realizing our goals is non-physical. In other words, it’s all in our minds.  For virtually every person on this planet the subconscious mind is at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week working to do two things: ensure our physical and conceptual survival.  In Success Is Just Around The Block™ learn how the subconscious mind and some simple laws of physics can be combined to create one of the greatest forces on the planet for human accomplishment.

Fear, erroneous beliefs and lack of knowledge – 95% of the internal mental scripts and beliefs we have been conditioned to over the years – are the main drivers behind why most people miss out on attaining their goals. The truth is the outside world has minimal effect on goal attainment because our internal processes drive the external world.

The subconscious runs the show.  That’s why traditional goal setting, positive affirmations and even law of attraction philosophies are ineffective unless we’ve cleared out the blocks at the subconscious level and re-write the old scripts that have been invalidating our best efforts for years.  No matter how elaborate our goals or how much we affirm them, unless our subconscious mind believes this is real and contributes to our ultimate happiness the goal will not be met.  Period…end of story!  Traditional goal setting and attraction practices just do not work for the majority of people.

The good news is all of us can move beyond these blocks and beliefs, and do so in a very short period of time.  Based on groundbreaking new research on how the subconscious mind works in conjunction with the predictable laws of physics, you can gain access to the insights, strategies and proven processes that will change the trajectory of your life forever.

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