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Why It Pays to Be in the Flow

Why it pays to be in the flow

In the Flow and Professional Success

What do Jeff Gordon (race car driver), Bruce Willis (actor) and Terry Bradshaw (sports commentator) have in common?

If you said divorce – good try! But instead, I want to bring your attention to the success each man has had in their respective professions. All three men have indicated that they feel like they were born to do what they do, and when they are fully engaged they describe it as effortless and natural. In other words they are in FLOW and for that each is paid large sums of MONEY.

Terry Bradshaw says, “For a man who thought his best talent was throwing an inflated ellipsoid a long way, I’ve been fortunate in my career. In the end, I just discovered my real talent – being myself.”

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What is ‘In the Flow’?

Do you feel like you’re in flow with your true self, or do you feel tired, stressed and depleted at the end of each day? Are the people you work with in flow, or do they complain, seem irritable and unproductive?

Consider that a 2001 Gallop survey showed only 20% of the employees working in large corporations felt their strengths were being utilized everyday. And 80% felt miscast in their work role and said they never have the chance to reveal the best of themselves. The Herman Trend Report indicates that 50-80% of workers are in jobs for which their personality and interests really aren’t well matched.

Being in the Flow Increases Profits – Personal and Corporate

The reason you should know about flow – it PAYS! When a person truly knows who they are and has the freedom to perform in a way that is congruent with their authentic self, they are happier and ultimately more productive. Well-placed, self-aware employees are as much as 400% more effective than those who are not. When people operate against their true nature they suffer for it, their organization suffers, and their customers suffer, which costs MONEY!

David Maister, in his book Practice What You Preach, states, “We have strong evidence that a 10-15% increase in the scores given by employees to the elements of employee satisfaction will cause a 42% increase in financial performance.”

Helping people find and develop their true self and get into flow can yield a tremendous return on investment. To meet that need, a patented system has been developed that can accurately identify an individual’s true nature and strengths. The CORE MAP® multidimensional profile is a scientifically backed tool that provides a more up-to-date approach than the typical single dimension tools and can help employers who want to :

  • Put the right people into the right jobs.
  • Fully utilize the strengths of their employees.
  • Help their managers become more natural and effective leaders.
  • Promote people into positions in which they will succeed.
  • Hire and retain a stable, motivated, productive workforce.
  • Get a greater return on their human capital investment.

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