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Leadership’s Irresistible Influence

Leadership’s Irresistible Influence

Irresistible Influence Leadership Style

What could you achieve – both personally and professionally  – if your leadership style used Irresistible Influence?

In his most recent book, Power Shift, Marc W. Schwartz clearly outlines the intrinsic motivators that drive behavior. If you understand these core traits that move all humans – then you have the ability to create high performance in anything you choose to focus on.

Irresistible Influence is understanding what are the intrinsic motivators that make someone want to work with or collaborate with you in opposition to using traditional old command-and-control methods that do not work with most people…especially Millennials.

We must get to the core of an individual and understand what drives people. We must understand the intrinsic motivation that makes people want to take action. Then, we can tap into the real passions that are important to individuals.

At a subconscious level, we are all hardwired to respond in certain ways to certain stimuli. If you know someone at a deeper level, you can appeal to them with an irresistible offer that will naturally get them to take a desired action. But it must be an irresistible offer (and appeal to their motivating factors).

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Why not use Irresistible Influence when working with, leading or managing others?

When we understand what naturally motivates someone, then we have a greater chance of positively influencing them and getting things done for their reasons, not yours; but still in service to the greater goal or vision.

Contrast the value of this approach to the use of coercion, fear, manipulation or force.  Which do you think is more natural, authentic and provides more results in the long run?

Collaboration as well as Irresistible Influence work best because they appeal to the natural core drivers we all have (including Millennials). 

Marc W. Schwartz uses proven and scientific principles that can help anyone be more effective in their life; especially if you are in a leadership position. Marc is not taking a traditional approach of trying to appeal at a surface level – but instead is going a bit deeper.

This is achieved through high-value questions to uncover the intrinsic drivers that are unique to each person and exist in every human being at a core level.

Leadership – Command and Control vs Irresistible Influence

The old way of getting people to do something or take action through a more militaristic, hierarchical and forceful way is (at best) becoming a useless approach to leading all people.

Even if it works or provides some temporary results – in the long run a ‘command and control’ management style fosters disloyalty, non-commitment, inaction, push-back.

There are many examples of companies out there operating in this way: companies that still believe in the command-and-control approach that may create some selfish short-term wins. However the long-term damage to those organizations can be a hundred times greater.

Shortsightedness causes managers to lose good people, good customers and their reputation (as well as the company’s) based on outdated beliefs and overly dominant egos.

These unaware leaders choose to play on and motivate employees through the use of fear and threats – instead of understanding and tapping into motivators. Unaware leaders sidestep the known scientific strategies which drive humans. Instead, they use the management and leadership tactics they have been taught and conditioned to use. These tactics clearly do not work in this day and time.

Although there can be some short-term growth for a time – Command and Control Leadership and Brute Force Management do not (and cannot) produce positive, long-term outcomes.

Brute Force Management – Not Effective for  Team Growth and Development

Brute force management produces a temporary process that cannot sustain a goal or achieve the best in human commitment.  Brute force goes against the human system and the way we are intrinsically wired.  People eventually tire of and wear out from the constant assaults of working against what is natural and normal (that is, the intrinsic motivators we all have).

A much more productive approach is to take the time upfront to work with each person and better understand what their natural drivers, needs and motivations are. And then, help them to connect those intrinsic drivers to the clear-cut, focused (and ethical) goals of the company.

Irresistible Influence Style and Real Leadership

Irresistible Influence, as a leadership approach, always wins in the long run over threats, force, manipulation, intimidation, and coercion – no matter what generation you are in.

People are people. They want to be understood, appealed to and respected.

Through Irresistible Influence, these goals and drives are met and many times exceeded.  It’s a true all-win situation.

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