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Benefit from Marc’s clear and proven strategy for saving leader and manager time, reducing stress – and building a culture that naturally creates engaged, self-driven, high-performance teams, so leaders can spend less time managing and more time leading and growing their business.

Marc in an employee training session for a corporationMarc consults, trains and coaches with clients that want to get breakthrough results. His programs provide the education, resources and a highly accelerated process to guide these motivated people in identifying and developing their authentic self, as well as the real passion and purpose that will drive them toward their goals faster, better and easier.

The proven 3-stage LEAP2™ process frees up time and energy so you can avoid burning out and focus more on things that bring greater growth, profit and results.

If you are a manager and/or leader, working with Marc W. Schwartz will help you create high-performance team environments where people of all generations are naturally motivated to perform at their highest capacity in the fastest time.

LEAP2™: How To Intentionally Create a High-Performance Environment

Marc conducting an employee training session at a small business

Learn how to create an internal culture built around a Structured Freedom model where boundaries are clear and rewards and consequences are plainly spelled out and consistently adhered to so everyone knows exactly what to expect.

Yet within these clear boundaries there is a lot of freedom and flexibility in the way one gets his or her job done. Imagine your employees operating in a Structured Freedom environment who are fiercely loyal to you, their leader, and to the company they call home, and are committed to ensuring that both succeed.

We will help you understand and create a Structured Freedom environment through the implementation of our organizational development system called CHOICE LEADERSHIP.

If you are like most leaders, you are swamped with work, which makes it hard to find the time to coach or mentor your employees. Yet many employees may not initially be capable of working independently and continue to go to you or your managers for answers, which further adds to the demands on already limited time and energy.

This dynamic kills productivity and creativity and is not sustainable.

According to the Gallup Organization year after year, the typical approach to leadership is not working well for more than 70% of employees. Therefore, building and sustaining high-performance teams requires a different approach than most leaders are using.

Work with us and the Choice Leadership Style and you will:
  1. Marc teaching Choice Leadership Style with employeesEmbrace a leadership model that fits naturally into your routine, which will save you precious time and energy while increasing performance, productivity and profits.
  2. Be equipped on how to get the best from each member of your team; to have fully engaged, high-performance teams that require minimal time from you to get the job done.
  3. Enable employees to reflect on difficult situations, make sense of what happened, and extract valuable learning which can then be used to solve problems in the moment and in the future.
  4. See your employees gain a sense of ownership in outcomes and pride in tackling and working through difficult challenges, which over time greatly increases their ability to work independently and in self-directed teams.
  5. Have the advanced skills to significantly change unhealthy work-related dynamics and improve employee performance and attitudes such that employees:
    • Feel valued and understood
    • Have freedom and flexibility to grow within a healthy framework
    • Know the boundaries and structure and are free to create within it
    • Are included in the vision
    • Are rewarded for productive behaviors
    • Are naturally engaged and motivated, thus creating a sustaining high-performance environment

Contact us today for a consultation and the opportunity to create a FREE Environmental Blueprint, which will give you the exact steps to take your company, team or organization toward a more open, authentic and productive Structured Freedom culture for the future.


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