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By Marc W. Schwartz


'Totally Engaged Audience' Book by Marc W. Schwartz, Leadership Consultant, Keynote Speaker
ISBN-13: 978-0-9981747-2-3
Published: Sept 10, 2017
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If you are like the average person who fears public speaking more than death, you can release your fears and really focus your energy on creating successful presentations by reading The Totally Engaged Audience and following the suggestions from a professional with over 30 years experience speaking to and training more than 50,000 people in 38 countries.

Eventually, we ALL have to speak in front of others! And those who can speak easily, comfortably and effectively where two or more are gathered can create all kinds of success opportunities for themselves. The Totally Engaged Audience is written to easily accommodate varying skills levels to include veterans who may just need a refresher. Starting from the preparation to the actual presentation and through to the close, The Totally Engaged Audience is laid out in an easy to follow format that provides experienced insights, proven recommendations, and time-tested strategies.

This material will help you understand presentations via three types: Speech, Facilitation, and Training. Each is distinctly different but cumulatively presented because once you master the basic skills that anchor each type, you will be on your way to authentically engaging any audience.   And to get you on your path to speaking mastery faster, better and easier, you will also learn the secrets of how to “Totally Engage Your Audience.”  You will learn to educate them, train them, and entertain them…in essence, practicing the art of “Edu-Train-Ment™.”

Through the “Edu-Train-Ment™” approach, you will begin to recognize the value of leveraging your natural style coupled with the importance in conquering any fears or reluctance you may still have about presenting in front of other people.   And this is why The Totally Engaged Audience is unique as we provide proven processes that will get you past these old fears and on to become successful with any of these presentation types.

In the paperback version of The Totally Engaged Audience, we’ve added the new appendix where there are numerous tips, tools, and energy psychology processes that can help anyone move past the mental blocks that can keep them from being totally comfortable and authentic as a presenter. If you have any fear or reluctance to speak in front of others, the appendix in this book holds powerful keys, few people know about, especially as it relates to dealing with the psychological barriers many of us have about speaking in front of groups. And as a further bonus, learn about the two irrefutable forces that can help anyone become a world-class presenter when we learn to tap into these influencers and use them to our advantage!

Through the “Edu-Train-Ment™” approach, you will begin to recognize the value of leveraging your natural style.