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Marc W. Schwartz – Keynote Speaker, Leadership Consultant and Trainer
Marc W. Schwartz International Speaker, Author, Edu-Train-Ment Specialist

International Speaker,
Author, Edu-Train-Ment Specialist

Have you ever not fit in with a company, group or team no matter how hard you tried?

This happened to Marc Schwartz as he worked for 7 companies in 12 years – trying to find out how his skills and strengths could be optimized; first as an employee, then as a manager.

Instead of helping him to optimize his strengths and skills – Marc got a series of dictatorial bosses who, like his own father, operated from the “my way or the highway” approach of managing people. This ‘command and control’ environment caused him to change jobs every year and a half.

The stress and self-doubt of trying for so long to find a job that optimized his strengths drove Marc to dedicate himself to helping other leaders and managers worldwide learn a more authentic and human approach to leading people.

This journey put him in front of more than 50,000 people in 38 countries to speak, coach and train others on how to use INFLUENCE, not force, to break through the barriers that stands in the way of creating an engaging, multi-generational approach to the next evolution of business leadership.

Marc W. Schwartz Mission

Marc’s mission is to assist companies to see and understand the value (and the business case) for treating their employees and staff with value and dignity. He would like to see managers realize how HUMANS actually work and motivate them to optimize their abilities.

This not only is this good for business – this is good for humans! When individuals are motivated to achieve – they will perform beyond our wildest imagination. The ‘generational divide’ between Millennial vs Gen X or Boomer is often created (or made worse) by unaware managers.

Motivating Individuals with Care, Compassion and Concern

Millennials are actually doing us a favor by teaching us how to grow up and evolve to a higher human plane if we (older generations) would only listen. Motivating individuals with care, compassion and concern can yield some incredible business performances.

One example is management creating incredible business performance is Semco in Brazil, where Ricardo Semler began implementing a self-governing and self-managing workplace 27 years ago.

Another example is Netflix. Or Costco, which has a connection culture that creates a 94% employee retention rate and tremendous employee loyalty.

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